Healthy Tip: Getting the Right Amount of Protein in the Busy City

Protein is one of the many essential nutrients that our body needs. It helps our body repair cells and develop new ones. It also plays an important role for our growth and development. It provides our body the energy it needs to function well. And during workout, protein helps us build more muscles and recover fast after workout.

While many people are aware about the importance of protein in our diet, there are still people who don’t consume the recommended daily intake of this important nutrient. Well, in this busy age, it’s really hard to follow a healthy diet plan when you could already place your order in just a quick push of a button. However, if you’re too worried about your health, then why not try protein powders?

whey protein for women

What are protein powders?

Protein powders are kinds of nutritional supplements that are used to supplement protein in your diet. As the name implies, they are processed in the form of powder, which can be made into a liquid form as protein shake by mixing with water, milk, or juice. They can also be mixed in your meals, sprinkled on top of your baked goods, or stirred into your soup if you cannot tolerate drinking them purely. Protein powders are commonly consumed by bodybuilders to support lean muscles or nourish their body after workout. But they can also be taken by individuals, who aren’t a bodybuilder, to help them achieve their fitness or health goals.

Protein powder comes in many forms, but the three common ones are soy, whey, and casein protein. Soy protein is a plant-based protein that supplies 8 out of 9 of the amino acids necessary for human diet. Vegetarians prefer this type of protein supplement because it is plant-based, although its taste is quite unpleasant. Casein and whey protein, on the other hand, are derived from milk. They are actually considered the best option in terms of taste, cost, and quality. But among these three options, whey protein for women and men is by far the most popular.

Are they useful?

According to health experts, protein powders can be useful, but only in very specific circumstance. Like many other dietary supplements, protein powders are only considered appropriate when you don’t get a chance to consume your needed daily protein intake – for instance, if you’re a vegetarian or too busy to get a normal diet. They are designed as an easy additional source of protein, but not as a replacement for protein. To achieve optimum health, it is essential to get the amount of protein you need from eating real whole foods, such as eggs, meat, milk, and beans.

Purchasing protein powders

There are many different brands and types of protein powders available in the market today. There are milk, whey, soy, casein, egg, beef, rice, and plant protein. And they are also offered in various flavors and prices. If you think you’re not getting the adequate amount of protein from the foods you eat, then it’s a good idea to try taking these products. Typically, you can find them at health food stores, groceries, drugstores, and online. However, be careful when purchasing these kinds of supplements because a lot of scammers have popped out in the market. For safety, only buy from trusted and registered sources. You can also talk to your physician and ask about what type of supplement is really appropriate and safe for you.


Living in an urban setting can be a crowded place sometimes but often can also be a lonely place, but with a puppy all of that can go away. Puppies are great when it comes to living in an urban setting.

living in urban setting


Lets start with some of the benefits of owning a dog in an urban setting. First of all owning a puppy is a great way to get out of the house and meet new people. Dog parks are located all over, and are a great place to meet single or family oriented individuals or groups. Meeting new people has benefits of its own you are able to create a new friendship with other individuals and that in itself can lead you to being a happier person, and to think all of this happened just because you decided to buy a puppy!

Another benefit of having a puppy is that they are always needing to go outside and run around, this is a great chance for you to do the same and get some activity back in your life. Take the dog for a run or a bike ride what ever you want you will feel great about doing it because not only are you out with a great friend but you are getting to be a healthier individual as well.

If you are a single individual having a puppy could be the best thing for you, it can give you a sense of belonging knowing that you are responsible for a living thing and knowing that without you it wouldn’t be able to make it. This feeling is important because it can give you a purpose when you get home. Little puppies online has a large variety of dogs to buy and you can click here to see their Morkie puppies.


Having a puppy is a large commitment, if you have a job that is too demanding or will take you away from home then owning a puppy right now might not be the best choice. Also if you live in a smaller house you may want to think about getting a smaller dog, big dogs can take up a lot of space and generally need it to run around. If you or someone who comes around a lot has an allergy to dogs that is something you should take into account as well. Do you think you are ready to buy a dog? Before you jump into it click here to make sure you are definitely ready.

Useful Tips for Dealing with Your Snoring Problem


Snoring is a serious issue not only for the sufferer, but for also the people around them. In the same way as the quality of the snoring individual’s sleep is compromised, so also is that of each person around his or her sleeping area. This explains why there is a frantic search for a solution to the issue, as can be observed from search trend online. Perhaps, you are having similar problem or know someone who is. You will find in this piece information on ways you can go about dealing with the snoring problem.

Causes of Snoring

To be able to better appreciate any effort targeted at dealing with snoring, it is pertinent to first understand the factors responsible for the issue. The factors that could cause this to happen include alcohol consumption, allergies, improperly positioned jaw, your body weight and obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring results from irregular airflow through a passageway, with the soft palate and the uvula being the main structures affected. When an affected person is asleep, the tissues in his or her throat relax to the extent of blocking the air passageway to a certain degree. The partial blockage of the airway makes airflow become rather forceful, leading to vibration of the tissues and the production of the obnoxious sound. The snoring sound becomes louder the more airflow is obstructed. You can read more here.

Solutions to Snoring Issues

Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options available for dealing with snoring. All of these aim at clearing the airway of the snorer. Among these available options is surgery. A procedure known as Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty involves removal of tissues in the region around the back of the throat, including the uvula and pharynx, with a view to widening the airway. There is also a somewhat recent procedure called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), which involves application of heat and radiofrequency energy to tissues in the back of the throat. This leads to tissue scarring and stiffening of the area that is treated after healing.

The problem with surgical procedures is that they are invasive, expensive and can lead to scarring. This explains why many snorers look in the direction of another treatment option — mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Sleeping Well LLC’s ZQuiet is a highly popular product among the MADs available on the market today, with numerous thousands unique searches conducted for it on Google every month. It is designed to keep your lower jaw in a position that ensures the tongue is pushed forward to make the airway wider. When you consider the device’s Living Hinge Technology, you will realize one saying it is effective to use to stop snoring is not a mere hype. This technology removes the discomfort users may have using some other MADs due to its ability to ensure natural mouth movement. The FDA-cleared ZQuiet employs a unique two-step Comfort System to allow for two optimal jaw positions. The design of the device also ensures you are able to breathe through your noseand mouth while sleeping and allows you drink water without having to remove it.

There are also a number of other ways to combat snoring. This includes weight loss since fat in the back of the throat is among the culprits responsible for the problem. It also helps to sleep on your side instead of sleeping on your back and to stop drinking and smoking. Lubricating sprays, nasal sprays, nose clips and oral appliances are among other available treatment options.



Hate Your City Job? Start an Internet Business from Home

A recent poll by the research-based company Gallup found that 70% of people hated or were disengaged from their jobs. One of the biggest complaints is that employees had “bosses from hell” who did nothing to cultivate growth and reward talent. Every year that goes by, it seems like the workplace is becoming a worse and worse place to be. Not only that but driving to work and home in traffic is a pain in the neck but also costs quite a bit in gas. Instead of continuing to suffer through the monotonous, boring, unrewarding life of working for “the man,” why not try starting your own business?

The idea of starting your own business might sound exciting, and like many, you’ve probably already thought about it. But, also like many, you probably don’t know where to begin. Here are a few ideas that might help you get started on the road to starting your own internet business.

Start a Blog

Blogging is probably one of the most commonly thought of professions when talking about working from home. There are many people online that write blogs every day on a variety of subjects. You have probably thought that you can write a blog from time to time.

Writing a blog can be fun, but it isn’t easy. You have to take time to develop content, and use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to advertise your website so that people will visit it. After that you have to set up an account with an internet agency, such as google AdWords, who will set up advertisements on your blog. Advertisements are how you get paid on your blog.

Creating a blog takes time, but it can be a rewarding process. You can create your own blog through a variety of websites such as InfoBarrel, HubPages, Tumblr, Google’s Blogger, or any number of other blog websites.

Start a YouTube Channel

For the past couple of years, many video makers have been raking in the cash by simply making videos for YouTube. If you are good at editing videos, and have something interesting to share with the world, this might be the route for you. The monetization process works similar to blogs, though for YouTube it is a little easier.

The only downside to YouTube is that younger entrepreneurs tend to have an edge. However, there have been older video makers who have done well on the website.

Sell Products Online

This is probably the oldest online profession that was around since the early days of the net. To run a business like this you simply sell, or buy and sell, products online to make a profit. You can sell products on your own website, ebay, or a variety of other places.

The first thing you need to set up a business like this is a place to receive money. PayPal or Stripe are popular payment processing websites where you can collect your sales revenues.

When you set up a business like this, information is very important. How much money you are making, if your sales are up or down, sales demographics, information like this is gold and helps you forecast future sales and help you make business decisions. You can rent software from SaaS websites that keep track of this information for you. There are many stripe metric and PayPal SaaS websites. Make sure to find one that will give you a good deal for your money.

These are just a few ways you can start a business from home. So if you are tired of the rat race and want to start a rewarding career of working for yourself, try one of these, or another online business, and start enjoying your job.

No Place to Work in the City? Work From Home And Live Your Dream!

recessionWith the recession hitting home and causing the unemployment levels to rise, there is hardly much space left for more graduate students coming out of college. As a student, your options are limited once you’re done with your education. If your father has a business, you could take over and settle down there, but most college graduates wish to be away from their families and prove that they can still exist without their presence. For such graduates (which represents an awfully huge majority), looking for jobs is the primary concern. When you can’t get a job, don’t lose hope; there’s another alternative.

If you have any expertise in editing videos and audio recordings, then you’re good to go to set a presence on the internet. Your market is vast, your knowledge is superior and your work is just about to get started. Get a YouTube Channel and get started that way. If not a channel, start up your own blog. That way, you dictate your own future. Once that bit is done, the fun is just about to begin.

Sony Vegas Pro is one software that you must have as a video editor. It will help and guide you through to success when it comes to editing. You require some prior knowledge, of course, on how to use computers and basic editing skills. But if you don’t know how to use this software, you can learn anything and view similar work through other Sony Vegas projects and templates. It does not take that much to complete this process. All you have to do is search over the internet and you will find plenty of people willing to share their knowledge with you. But why am I recommending this software, which would cost you a lot as a beginner, over the other ones that are mostly free of cost?

Well, if you really are a beginner and know nothing about editing, it is fair to start from the basics. Start playing with your phone video editors, then the built-in editor on your Windows or Mac machine. Once you have done this and are satisfied with your work, your next step would be to start creating your own content and editing it. The free editing softwares do not allow you to buff things up. Sony Vegas Pro has the ability to do 3D video editing. That is a fairly new technology and it is coming up very fast. If you can learn this, you better get Sony Vegas Pro simply because the free softwares will not allow you to do anything close to what a paid version of Vegas Pro would let you do.

Now you know why finding a “job” online is so easy. But still, it takes a lot of hard work to set up an online presence. It’s not a day’s work, or even a week. It takes much longer to set up a personality online as opposed to at a desk job because of the sheer size of the market. But you have no choice. Have fun doing the editing with Vegas Pro and see where that takes you

Is your city water hard water or soft water?  What’s the difference?

CITYCity water has chlorine and fluoride in it and can actually be either hard or soft.  It basically depends on where they get the water that they use from.  Water hardness is not actually affected at all by chlorine or fluoride and can still be either, depending on where it’s from.  It depends on the amount of grains per gallon (GPG).  If you’re in an area where it’s over 14 GPG that is considered to be extremely hard.  At the other end of the hard water spectrum 3 to 7 GPG’s is moderately hard and less than 3 GPG’s is only slightly hard.

Chances are you don’t know what level your cities water is at.  This problem is easily solved by making a simple call to the city water department and just ask them.  They might not refer to it as GPG, they sometimes call the hardness of the water PPM which is Mg/L.  To find out the grains, you take the figure they gave you and divide it by 17.1 to convert it to GPG to see if you’re using water with any hardness in it.  Water treatment facilities in your city make sure you are getting the best you can for your area and that it is healthy and good for you be it coming from a hard or soft water source.

If you are in an apartment building, you can find out from the leasing office as to what kind of water you have, hard or soft, and is it treated with a water softener there.  If you’re in a home, you can check out some water softener reviews at and get a heads up as to if you need a water softener or maybe you already have one installed.

The difference is hard water has amounts of dissolved minerals such as magnesium.  Even calcium.  Soft water has been treated with sodium which makes up the only ion.  You can best see the difference between hard and soft water doing your favorite thing, by standing under neither your shower head.  This is just one of many ways in which you can tell the difference.

For instance are your clothes clean and bright that means they’ve been treated with soft water as opposed to those treated in hard water have a dingy appearance to them.  Washing dishes can be a sign of whether you’re using soft water you get clear looking glassware whereas hard water is known to leave behind visible residue on your glassware or spots as well.  If you find what appears to be a film such as soap scum left behind in your bathtub your water is probably hard.

However, essential minerals can be found in hard water which a lot of people say it has a better taste to it and some people would rather drink hard water such as artesian well water.  This is because it has minerals that can be essential.  Soft water can have a taste that seems somewhat salty to it which sometimes makes it not suitable for drinking.  However that’s what we have water treatment facilities for and that’s to help balance out the water situation in your area to make sure you’re getting what’s best in the end.

Staying Healthy in the City

CITYThe city is such a bustling place. Everybody is busy with work and life and the weekends are a twenty four hour fiasco. With so much to do it can be hard to take care of your body. Finding the time to sit down for a proper meal is just too difficult when you could order a take away at the touch of a button or over the phone. If you’re worried about staying healthy, why not take a look at the raspberry to help you lose weight.

-        What Are Shakes?

Shakes are a great way to keep an eye on your figure. Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds or simply get the right nutrients into you, these shakes are a great way to go. Many are simply designed to supplement your food intake. Instead of breakfast or lunch you have a shake, that way reducing your calories without affecting those good things your body needs. The Raspberry is a top of the line shake that uses brand new ways of nutritional science to help you and year health regimen.

-        What Happens?

The way the Raspberry works is you can either replace your usual meals with it, or you can keep your diet and have the shake on top. Most shakes force you to burn of calories by starving your body, but the Raspberry squeezes the fat cells, making them smaller and easier to burn off. On top of that, it gives you extra bouts of energy and is filled with anti-oxidants. A lot of stuff in our foods adds to the epidemic of free radicals, which bounce around inside us and destroy our bodies, so anything that gets rid of them is vital.

-        Is It Trustworthy?

It’s easy to get scammed with these products. A lot of people don’t actually care about you or your body, and many of these products are from overseas where regulations are not the same as in the US. However, the Raspberry is fully home grown in America, so you’re not only looking after your own figure, but you’re also contributing to the economy and keeping jobs on home soil. These days, we all need to pitch in that little bit to help out, and this is a great way of killing two birds with one stone. On top of that, you know that is follows all the guidelines and regulations of our own government, so you know you’re paying for quality. If you’re city life is getting in the way of your health, then start on a shake today.

Staying Safe in the City

STAYING SAFELiving in an urban environment comes with both pros and cons. You’re so close to so many things: parks, cinemas, pubs and restaurants, to name just a few. But cities also have their darker sides. Crime, drugs and poverty exist everywhere. Sometimes, to tackle these issues, one has to arm themselves. It’s the responsible thing to do when faced with danger, however the responsibility stretches to you, too. If you own a firearm then you need a weapon safe to store it within. If you want your city to be safe, then you need to be a part of that safety, too. Try out these safes to store your weapon when you’re not using it.

-       Titan

The Titan uses two unique patents and comes with a handle for ease of use. You can use this safe to transport your valuables when you’re on the go. It’s also small, which means you can fit it into any nook or cranny in the house. It uses a button-lock system which allows you easy access if you need it, and it’s very tough to break into. This is a great little safe which will secure your weapon or any possessions you want and keep your gun safe from theft. The Titan can be bought for under $400, which is a decent price for a safe as good as this one.

-       Winchester

The Winchester is larger than the Titan. It can hold twice the number of weapons and has thicker walls which means it is extremely strong and durable. It incorporates a biometric lock system, using your own fingerprints to unlock it. This is one of the safest ways out there of keeping your weapon secure, whether from inquisitive kids or invasive intruders. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to damage from fire and water so if you live somewhere that floods a lot or where there are many forest fires then you might want to look into a different brand. The Winchester is roughly the same price as the Titan and for all the positives it is a great safe for the mid $300 price.

-       Falcon

The Falcon unlocks electronically and silently. Price wise it’s slightly cheaper than the others coming in at $299 but it doesn’t compromise on efficiency. It can hold as much as the Winchester and is strong and durable. If you need somewhere to keep your weapons in the home then any of these three will work.



Online Fax: The New Way to Send and Receive Fax-A Must Have for Busy City Goers

Taxies in ManhattanAs those who live in the bustling city may know, technology has taken a giant leap forward. The biggest sector to advance ever so rapidly compared to others is the internet. There isn’t anything you can’t do using the internet today; make phone calls, send greetings, purchase goods, you name it. Now add to that long list  how to send fax from gmail account. This service is great for students in college who need to submit a hard copy of their final piece. This article will explain the few things you need to start immediately with internet faxing.

It’s very simple to get started with this new service. All you need is a Gmail account and a fax service account. There are several fax services available online that also offer free trial sign-up accounts. An online fax service basically designates a fax number to your email address such that you can send and receive fax from your email account. If you receive a fax to the designated number you get from the online fax service, the fax gets forwarded automatically to your Gmail account. It is also possible to pick your own fax number or use your current number for fax as well.

Internet faxing is a very simple service to use. When you are sending a fax, the SUBJECT field should contain the Cover Page Title and the TO field should contain the fax number with the URL of your fax service provider. For instance, if your fax service provider is eFax, then the TO field will be and you do not include any spaces or dashes.

There are many advantages of using the internet to send faxes. First and foremost, there is no need to wait in queues and deal with paper jams and busy lines when sending fax via the internet. You just click SEND and it is gone; you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This saves you time and increases productivity as there is no time wasted in waiting for the fax to go from the machine.

One other major advantage of internet faxing is that it saves on paper. You can avoid wasting paper and help the environment when you use this service. You are able to control the computer and decide what to print. This will immensely help you and the environment. Less paperwork for you to deal with as well.

Everyone today with a stable internet connection has used one form or the other of cloud storage, be it Dropbox or OneDrive. Some fax services are so efficient and helpful that they allow you to link documents from these cloud storage facilities straight to fax. This again saves up time and effort, linking new technologies to a new facility is the right way to promoting.

All in all, online faxing is probably the new way to send fax. It saves time and effort sending the fax manually using a fax machine. It also helps reduce environmental pollution by saving on paper. As a student, you should actually look into this when you are required to send a document via fax.

However, student or not, this new technology will be a benefit to even the busiest of those in the city!


Breastfeeding in the Urban Environment

breastfeedingIf you have a child then you know all about the hassle that comes with figuring out how to feed him or her. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and we will continue doing it for thousand more. But lately there’s been a real stigma against feeding in public. Some people don’t like to see it, they don’t want to be a part of it, or maybe they think it isn’t right for the child. Whatever their reasoning, it can make life difficult for the mother and child. If you want to breastfeed your child but you don’t want the stigma, why don’t you have a look at some of the top pumps out there.

-       It Makes Sense

If you get embarrassed about breast feeding in public, or you know people who are embarrassed by it, then a breast pump makes the most amount of sense. Natural breast milk is better for you than formula, and you can pump in the morning and feed your child in the afternoon. Not only does a breast pump enable you to feed your child from your own milk without forcing you to expose yourself, but it’s cheaper too. Formula milk costs a lot more over the long run, even if a breast pump can be a large lump sum cost. And, if you plan on having a couple more kids, you can re-use that breast pump again and again, so long as you keep it well tended.

-       It Makes Your Life Easier

Your baby spends most of his or her day hungry, and sometimes it’s just too much effort giving in every time they want a feeding. Some people have a busy lifestyle, especially living in an urban environment with jobs and opportunities all around, and that can take you away from your child. A pump can soften the blow of the unexpected. All you have to do is fill up a few bottles and take them with you wherever you go. It’s cheap, efficient, and totally natural.

-       It’s Comfortable, Too

Having a child suckle at you all ay every day for however long you keep it up can be damaging to your nipples. Children don’t care if they’re hurting you, they’re hungry! They want a feeding! But pumps are and can be designed to be comfortable, to fit around your form and be gentle in the extraction process. If you want to take a break every few days, this is a great way to do that.