Online Fax: The New Way to Send and Receive Fax-A Must Have for Busy City Goers

Taxies in ManhattanAs those who live in the bustling city may know, technology has taken a giant leap forward. The biggest sector to advance ever so rapidly compared to others is the internet. There isn’t anything you can’t do using the internet today; make phone calls, send greetings, purchase goods, you name it. Now add to that long list a chance to send and receive fax from Gmail. This service is great for students in college who need to submit a hard copy of their final piece. This article will explain the few things you need to start immediately with internet faxing.

It’s very simple to get started with this new service. All you need is a Gmail account and a fax service account. There are several fax services available online that also offer free trial sign-up accounts. An online fax service basically designates a fax number to your email address such that you can send and receive fax from your email account. If you receive a fax to the designated number you get from the online fax service, the fax gets forwarded automatically to your Gmail account. It is also possible to pick your own fax number or use your current number for fax as well.

Internet faxing is a very simple service to use. When you are sending a fax, the SUBJECT field should contain the Cover Page Title and the TO field should contain the fax number with the URL of your fax service provider. For instance, if your fax service provider is eFax, then the TO field will be and you do not include any spaces or dashes.

There are many advantages of using the internet to send faxes. First and foremost, there is no need to wait in queues and deal with paper jams and busy lines when sending fax via the internet. You just click SEND and it is gone; you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This saves you time and increases productivity as there is no time wasted in waiting for the fax to go from the machine.

One other major advantage of internet faxing is that it saves on paper. You can avoid wasting paper and help the environment when you use this service. You are able to control the computer and decide what to print. This will immensely help you and the environment. Less paperwork for you to deal with as well.

Everyone today with a stable internet connection has used one form or the other of cloud storage, be it Dropbox or OneDrive. Some fax services are so efficient and helpful that they allow you to link documents from these cloud storage facilities straight to fax. This again saves up time and effort, linking new technologies to a new facility is the right way to promoting.

All in all, online faxing is probably the new way to send fax. It saves time and effort sending the fax manually using a fax machine. It also helps reduce environmental pollution by saving on paper. As a student, you should actually look into this when you are required to send a document via fax.

However, student or not, this new technology will be a benefit to even the busiest of those in the city!


Breastfeeding in the Urban Environment

breastfeedingIf you have a child then you know all about the hassle that comes with figuring out how to feed him or her. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world. We’ve been doing it for thousands of years, and we will continue doing it for thousand more. But lately there’s been a real stigma against feeding in public. Some people don’t like to see it, they don’t want to be a part of it, or maybe they think it isn’t right for the child. Whatever their reasoning, it can make life difficult for the mother and child. If you want to breastfeed your child but you don’t want the stigma, why don’t you have a look at some of the best breast pumps out there.

-       It Makes Sense

If you get embarrassed about breast feeding in public, or you know people who are embarrassed by it, then a breast pump makes the most amount of sense. Natural breast milk is better for you than formula, and you can pump in the morning and feed your child in the afternoon. Not only does a breast pump enable you to feed your child from your own milk without forcing you to expose yourself, but it’s cheaper too. Formula milk costs a lot more over the long run, even if a breast pump can be a large lump sum cost. And, if you plan on having a couple more kids, you can re-use that breast pump again and again, so long as you keep it well tended.

-       It Makes Your Life Easier

Your baby spends most of his or her day hungry, and sometimes it’s just too much effort giving in every time they want a feeding. Some people have a busy lifestyle, especially living in an urban environment with jobs and opportunities all around, and that can take you away from your child. A pump can soften the blow of the unexpected. All you have to do is fill up a few bottles and take them with you wherever you go. It’s cheap, efficient, and totally natural.

-       It’s Comfortable, Too

Having a child suckle at you all ay every day for however long you keep it up can be damaging to your nipples. Children don’t care if they’re hurting you, they’re hungry! They want a feeding! But pumps are and can be designed to be comfortable, to fit around your form and be gentle in the extraction process. If you want to take a break every few days, this is a great way to do that.




Show the world your city pride by making a website dedicated to your life in the big city!

web-design-2014You’ve made your home in the big city and you are proud of it.  You’ve worked hard, learned your way around, know all the hot spots, and enjoy where your life takes you there.  There are some of us that have only seen city life on TV news (which isn’t always the most popular positive views) or on TV sitcoms.  We wonder is it really like that or is there more to city life than what we catch here and there.

A great way to show off your city is to make a website dedicated to it.  Add what you like and what you think other people would like to see.  Show the realities and the community that isn’t always found in media or just overlooked.

You’ve been in the city for a while and think it’s time to get out and embark on a little picture taking adventure to show what makes your home so special and things that people might miss or not really grasp until they’ve seen it through the eyes of a city native.

Take that camera and go around to popular landmarks of the locals from where you stay.  Everyone has seen a picture of the Statue of Liberty, but have the seen the first official pizza joint in the city that you live that was established in the early 1900’s and is still going strong today?  Did they know that speaking of places that are well established, your city houses one of the first beer breweries in the nation?  (It fit well with the pizza theme, a good homemade pizza with a cold mug of beer, can’t go wrong with that.)

Show off pictures of the yearly citywide get together at the park that they have with vendors set up everywhere selling their wares from homemade knickknacks to food you’d have to see to believe.  Be sure to show landmarks that are popular in your city that draw the locals in from restaurants to libraries.  Make almost an album of what it is that makes your city your home and keeps you there proud as ever of where you live.  Things most people take for granted that someone who has never seen would have their socks knocked off by a picture and some facts.

Now what to do with all these pictures you’ve collected.  Go home and get on your computer and set up a website for your city and your presentation of it.  Come up with a witty idea and venue to follow and make it happen.  Post all your pictures and facts that you have for people to see and read.  On most sites you can use their own site building tools to make your site really stand out.  Thinks like how to create css buttons that blend in with the theme you’re working on.  Maybe even add a blog that locals and visitors can post their experiences on. This is a great way to show your city to the World Wide Web.

What to do when it’s a tough time getting groceries in the city when you need substance

CITY LIVINGIn the city, getting a good grocery trip in is few and far between.  It’s tough to make the trip when you’ve got to load up on a visit too.  Visiting suburbia to get groceries means wishing for a quick ride in low traffic home hopefully so all your frozen goods don’t defrost before you get back.  So once you’re stacked up, try to keep your necessities needed to small amounts per visit so you can grab just a little at a time.  This is convenient if you live in a high rise, have to take a bus for transportation, or are within walking distance to the store where you can grab what you need from.  That way you don’t have a lot to lug around and can save that for trips to stores outside the city when you need to stock up.  (And have friends to help you carry your groceries upstairs on those days).

So it’s an easy plan keeping in stock by getting only what you need when you need it.  That’s the best way to keep it from being a tough time getting your groceries in the city.  Stock up as much as possible when you can then just stay to the city for the few necessities when you need those.  You’re saving a lot of hassle than people who make every trip a big trip.  Keeping it to large when you’ve run out of most of the food and products you need and making short trips to your local city groceries for necessities like bread, eggs, and so forth.

Another thing you can do is keep a stash of protein shakes and supplements at home too.  So you get hungry, need protein, are low on energy; whatever the reason is, you can easily fix a shake to carry you over till when the time comes to eat. has some good information where you can find out more about stocking up on keeping tasty and nutritious products that take up no space or huge trips to fill up on.  You can even find out more if you read this post about finding a BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) that helps in a large way and that there are some just for women and some that are just for men as well.

So now you know about keeping your food stock on a schedule and proteins shakes on hand to make it easier as grocery shopping can a lot of the time be more than just a chore but a hassle that seems to not even be worth it on most days.  From traffic, to low accessibility to stores with large selections, to having to carry everything you need to get home, it can be a handful.  So try to keep stocked up every now and then, and just keep it to a minimal for the times in-between.  It will make your grocery schedule a lot more pleasant and easy to keep up with.

City tech schools filling up quick? No worries, stay in the city and take classes from home!

DIALYSIS TECHNICIANSYou love being a part of city life. Thing is, sometimes it’s a little too crowded and you have to squeeze in wherever you can for whatever you can get. Especially when it comes to schools. They fill up pretty quick, and not just with your city locals, but people from outside the city that don’t have the education opportunities where they are from.

Don’t leave the city or give up on finding the perfect school. You want to learn a trade and you’re pretty sure you’ll find your fit in the medical field. Listen to this, you don’t even have to leave the city. You don’t even have to leave your house. You’re right there in the city taking classes online from home. Not just any classes either. You don’t have to settle for a traditional online school such as data entry or bookkeeping either. You can do amazing things online nowadays.

Did you know that you can become a dialysis technician from taking classes online? Take a trade as such and take your classes in the city, just take them at home. Get the same training that will prepare you to get certified as a dialysis technician and all you have to do is sit in your pajamas and take online classes from your bedroom.

Not just at home, take it on a laptop and take your classes with you in the city wherever you feel like going. Take online classes from your local library, favorite café, or public park on a nice day. Don’t think that just because you’re taking classes online you’re missing out on the real trade school experience. You can have that experience and take it with you wherever you’d like.

You can be a dialysis technician pro studying online or offline. It’s your choice. Say that maybe the trade school you were going to get this type of training from is booked up already. All you have to do then is take it to the next level. See what’s available online and you’ll be surprised at the professional training you can get from online training.

It’s not just the professionalism you can get from taking a class online, it’s the convenience that you have a schedule that you can help control and also work at your own pace. Schools that you can take online classes from, are usually easier to mold to your life’s schedule and how you live day to day. They’ll be happy to work with you on an individual basis if need be.

Most online schools are set up to know that you have lives to work around. You might have a job so you can’t take a traditional school as you can’t work around the schools schedule. However online, you can work with an advisor to see how you can balance both school and your work. Don’t count yourself out of a busy city school, just take the city school into your home and make it a part of your day. You’ll be surprised at what you can find and what you can pursue from your own home.

House warming gifts can be fun-urban or not!

So your best friend is moving into a new home and you don’t have a clue what to buy them as a house warming gift. So what do you do? Well on thing is for sure, make sure you get something fun and useful. So what can be fun and useful for a new home? Well there are many things that can be fun and useful for a first time home buyer. Some people love to cook and if your friend is someone who loves to cook then why not buy them one of the wonderful pasta makers that they sell online. Or you could get them a cool cookware set that is designed with a special color to match their new kitchen. Either option is great for the avid cooker, but what if they don’t like to cook. Then one of these suggestions might be better. HOUSEWARMING

Gardening gifts

Maybe they like to garden and they have finally got their first garden area. There are many items that you can buy as a housewarming gift for an avid gardener such as gardening tools, a gift card to an eco-friendly plant nursery, or even maybe some gloves monogramed with their names and aprons for the garden. These are all great ideas for your friend’s new house warming gift.

Linen set gifts

Maybe they like to decorate their home or have their eye on a really pretty linen set for the bedroom. Getting them something that matches their current interior or the theme they want to use for their interior is always a great way to provide something personal and unique for a friend’s new home.

Favorite vacation photo gift

Remember that trip you and your friend took in college, why not get a photo from that trip framed for their wall so they can always remember the good times. This is a very personal gift that represents your friendship and the fun times you have had together in the past. Make sure the picture you choose is also a picture they like as well so they don’t feel uncomfortable when you give it to them. You should also make sure the frame will match the other pictures that they already have since you want the gift you give them to match the current decor.

Housewarmings are a great chance for you to come over and see your friend’s new environment, to bring a gift that they can use, and to offer your favorite decorators number to them so they can full deck out the new home. Many people have been preparing for their first home for a long time. They think about the color scheme, the furniture they want, and all the other things that go into a new home. Sometimes they will ask for your advice on where to place things but they pretty much have an idea in there head if not down on paper hidden somewhere of what they want to do in their first home.




Take advantage of having a trade school on every corner of life in the city

urban livingTrade schools are where it’s at, and they are spreading through your city and other cities like wildfire. With technology traveling at such a high rate of speed these days, people don’t have time for traditional 4 year colleges. By the end of year 2 everything you learned in year 1 has been upgraded if you’re in it for technology and specialized schooling. Technology and trade schools are on top of the list getting you the highest specialized training in half the time. Find it hard to believe? Take a look around your city. There are trade schools that specialize in everything from hair and beauty classes to radiation therapist training.

You can learn how to be a therapist in half the time. This way you’re keeping up with the latest in technology and getting your degree or certificate showing you worked your way and now your more specialized for certain fields. Being more specialized means making more money. That’s what you went to school for after all isn’t it? To find a career in which you could work and have that degree to earn more money. If you went to the link on how to be a therapist, you should, and see what kind of salaries radiation therapists make even in just a median figure. That’s what trade school does and that’s what a specialized degree or certificate can gain you.

In the city a lot of trade schools are popping up and it’s something that all residents that are unhappy with their jobs should look into. Have kids? Don’t worry just yet as some of these schools provide daycare while you’re in there learning your new craft. Do you hold the household down? Don’t worry yet again as most trade schools have classes at times to fit your convenience. That right there is a big plus.

Since these trade schools are in the city, you might not even have to worry about transportation and instead take the buses and transit system your city offers. Saves you a drive and also saves you gas which is something to be saved these days as prices are higher than ever. Besides, staying out of that city traffic is a plus as well too.

Jump on the internet and do some browsing even if you’re just curious about a field that has captured your interest a little and see if they have classes or even a trade school that specializes in what you’re looking at right there in the city. Wouldn’t that be great to have access to all your city has to offer such as libraries and more to help you along with your studies? You have a chance now in your city to break out of this rut you’ve been in and find a job that makes you happy and pays you for the skills you’ve learned in the trade you have chosen. It’s time to take a look and see what your city has to offer you.

Whether you’re in the city or the country, household cleaning isn’t at the top of your list of faves.

CLEANINGYou love having your own home. Moved to the big time from the country life and want to make the most of it. You’re a part of the city now and you want to reflect that love you have for your home. Perhaps you’re just moving in and getting settled. First thing first is that the old tenants didn’t do an end of tenancy cleaning. Your new place may not have had a good cleaning at the prior residence’s end of tenancy. Give your house a good cleaning before you move your things in, not after. Using a service will make the transition of moving in easier. However, when you’re ready to go to another domicile in the city using a service again as an end of tenancy as well. It’s the right thing to do before you move to help make the move in easier for the new tenants.

From cleaning the kitchen to cleaning the bathrooms and everything in between, it’s good to have a thorough cleaning done. Its one part of the home that no one looks forward to cleaning and that is to have the kitchen oven looking like it’s brand new. You are not excited about it as it’s to the part where you stopped cooking in it if you could avoid it because of the mess it was in from pizzas that melted cheese onto it or casseroles that bubbled over on to it. Now it’s a big crusty mess that smokes every time you turn it on and you know for sure that you’re not looking towards cleaning it. It’s a hard job. This time do it smart and have cleaners come in and do it for you.

You’ll be surprised that the prices for a good house cleaning are a lot less than you’ve been thinking and will more than likely fit into your budget and leave you a little bit left over as well. It’s time you take a look into getting someone else’s home in the city ready for them as you prepare for your next property now that you’re no longer a cute country bumpkin but a smooth city dweller. Have your home looking its best before you move in and after you leave with a good end of tenancy cleaning. It helps the new ones coming in like yourself. You didn’t have that luxury so you had a cleaning done before you moved in since the old tenants didn’t. You know how it felt to have to do all the moving and cleaning all at once. Don’t leave that for the new tenants, especially as you know how it felt it not being done before you moved in.

Getting a good cleaning before you move and furniture or items in is great, all the spaces in-between that you’ll have a hard time getting to once you’re set up will be all up and ready to go. Having it done for the new tenants in advance is good and a way that you know you’ll get back your security deposit. It’s a win win situation. Start with a cleaning and welcome to the city!

Urban Trails

urban trailsSo you’re living in the city and you love the urban lifestyle. For those of us who grew up in a suburban community or the country, a move to the city can be like a whole new life. I grew up in the suburbs where you needed a car to get around and buses were not frequent or reliable. Once I hit my teenage years and wanted find a job, it had to be within walking distance until I got myself a car. That turned out to be a money pit and quite frankly, driving stressed me out.

Years later it was off to the city for me and I sold my car with joy in my heart. One of the biggest selling points for me was the fact that I could walk to most places I needed to get to and my job was on the subway line. It felt good to just slap on some shoes and sprint over to the grocery store or to the bank. No more waiting to change lanes, red lights and rude drivers. Instead it was head nods to neighbors and cute smiles from the vegetable stand owner down the street.

I like walking long distances too. It’s a great form of exercise and it’s peaceful and low impact. The only downside to living in the city is that it can seem like there is nowhere to walk. When I first moved to the city, my friend and I would just choose a street and walk straight for about seven or eight blocks, just to see what was there. That was good fun for a while, but once I became more accustomed to my surroundings, I found the “mystery block” game to be a little tedious.

I decided to look up what parks were in my city and I found quite a few. Some of them you need to jump on a bus or the subway to get to, but once you’re there it feels like you’ve left metropolis and entered back into suburban sprawl. A simple search online produced five major parks in my city and I grabbed my friend to check it out.

The first one was huge and took us quite a while to get to. It was on the other side of town but it was beautiful even had a forest trail. The park was filled with walking paths that interconnected and split off all over the grounds. There were also trails that took you into the woods where you could follow on the ground or head up an incline, taking you deeper into the woods. I could not believe this was 40 minutes from my apartment.

Another park had ponds and more footpaths, weaving you in and out of sunny spots and shady coves. It was free to enter and had no real closing time either. Some of the bigger parks have tennis courts and snack bars and those had operational hours, but as for the paths themselves, they were open to the public at almost all times. There were bike paths too so if walking isn’t your thing, then perhaps a bike trail is more for you.

Life in the city doesn’t have to mean life away from nature. Take a moment to ask around or search online and find out what parks are near you. You may not need to break out your best mens hiking boots for these trails, but you’ll get away from city life for an hour or two and enjoy the adventures of your own two feet.

3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Urban Abode


Living in the city often leaves us wanting a touch of rustic added to our lives. Although we like where we live and wouldn’t change it for the world, there are times when we see a cottage style home decoration and feel a pang of nostalgia for the woodsy designs. Especially for those of us who live in the type of urban area where all of our doorsteps look the same and it’s hard to tell a home apart from the next without a house number.

If you’re looking to get a little woodsy, here are 3 easy things you can make with some wood and a table saw.

1) Mailbox

Start simple with a small, rectangular box. Make sure there is enough width and length inside the box for magazines or small packages and don’t forget to add a top flap. Some designs don’t require a top flap but in case of rain, snow or just privacy in general, you may want to consider a lid for your new mailbox. Easy how-to-guides can be found online and it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to make. Be sure to affix some sort of hanging mechanism so you can put it outside your home with pride. Sand and paint it any style you like to add that little touch of country to your home.

 2) Plant Holders

Another easy one that only requires cutting four panels and the floor of the box. Depending on the size of your plants, measure and cut your pieces and you can make as many as you need. Don’t forget to consider some extra height on the boxes for soil and roots to grow. Again, you can sand and paint or just stain the wood if that suites your home décor. If you have somewhere to hang them, like a large front window, go for it. If not, perhaps consider lining your front steps with a series of small plant holders. One box on each side if you have the room, or lining one side of the steps to create an image of cottage life for you.

 3) Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is a little more complicated and many have gone awry, but with many online guides available, you can find a simple pattern to get you started. One for the front and backyard is great if you have the room for it, or perhaps just two on each end of the front yard for those with no backyard space. Some people like the ones that hang from trees while others like the ones you can perch up on a branch. Others prefer the ones on big wooden polls that can stick into the ground so whatever suits your living space. Depending on the color scheme on the front of your home, you may find it an eyesore to paint and may want to leave it sanded and stained. There are so many designs and options out there, you’re sure to find the one that suits your home the best.

All of these country style creations will require a good table saw, some measuring tape and a good set of hammer and nails. To find what size and style of table saw is best for you, go to and see what fits your needs. If you can’t find proper building tutorials online, you could always ask your neighborhood hardware store employee for tips on where to look or enroll in a class if you have the time.