Healthy Tip: Getting the Right Amount of Protein in the Busy City

Protein is one of the many essential nutrients that our body needs. It helps our body repair cells and develop new ones. It also plays an important role for our growth and development. It provides our body the energy it needs to function well. And during workout, protein helps us build more muscles and recover fast after workout.

While many people are aware about the importance of protein in our diet, there are still people who don’t consume the recommended daily intake of this important nutrient. Well, in this busy age, it’s really hard to follow a healthy diet plan when you could already place your order in just a quick push of a button. However, if you’re too worried about your health, then why not try protein powders?

whey protein for women

What are protein powders?

Protein powders are kinds of nutritional supplements that are used to supplement protein in your diet. As the name implies, they are processed in the form of powder, which can be made into a liquid form as protein shake by mixing with water, milk, or juice. They can also be mixed in your meals, sprinkled on top of your baked goods, or stirred into your soup if you cannot tolerate drinking them purely. Protein powders are commonly consumed by bodybuilders to support lean muscles or nourish their body after workout. But they can also be taken by individuals, who aren’t a bodybuilder, to help them achieve their fitness or health goals.

Protein powder comes in many forms, but the three common ones are soy, whey, and casein protein. Soy protein is a plant-based protein that supplies 8 out of 9 of the amino acids necessary for human diet. Vegetarians prefer this type of protein supplement because it is plant-based, although its taste is quite unpleasant. Casein and whey protein, on the other hand, are derived from milk. They are actually considered the best option in terms of taste, cost, and quality. But among these three options, whey protein for women and men is by far the most popular.

Are they useful?

According to health experts, protein powders can be useful, but only in very specific circumstance. Like many other dietary supplements, protein powders are only considered appropriate when you don’t get a chance to consume your needed daily protein intake – for instance, if you’re a vegetarian or too busy to get a normal diet. They are designed as an easy additional source of protein, but not as a replacement for protein. To achieve optimum health, it is essential to get the amount of protein you need from eating real whole foods, such as eggs, meat, milk, and beans.

Purchasing protein powders

There are many different brands and types of protein powders available in the market today. There are milk, whey, soy, casein, egg, beef, rice, and plant protein. And they are also offered in various flavors and prices. If you think you’re not getting the adequate amount of protein from the foods you eat, then it’s a good idea to try taking these products. Typically, you can find them at health food stores, groceries, drugstores, and online. However, be careful when purchasing these kinds of supplements because a lot of scammers have popped out in the market. For safety, only buy from trusted and registered sources. You can also talk to your physician and ask about what type of supplement is really appropriate and safe for you.


Living in an urban setting can be a crowded place sometimes but often can also be a lonely place, but with a puppy all of that can go away. Puppies are great when it comes to living in an urban setting.

living in urban setting


Lets start with some of the benefits of owning a dog in an urban setting. First of all owning a puppy is a great way to get out of the house and meet new people. Dog parks are located all over, and are a great place to meet single or family oriented individuals or groups. Meeting new people has benefits of its own you are able to create a new friendship with other individuals and that in itself can lead you to being a happier person, and to think all of this happened just because you decided to buy a puppy!

Another benefit of having a puppy is that they are always needing to go outside and run around, this is a great chance for you to do the same and get some activity back in your life. Take the dog for a run or a bike ride what ever you want you will feel great about doing it because not only are you out with a great friend but you are getting to be a healthier individual as well.

If you are a single individual having a puppy could be the best thing for you, it can give you a sense of belonging knowing that you are responsible for a living thing and knowing that without you it wouldn’t be able to make it. This feeling is important because it can give you a purpose when you get home. Little puppies online has a large variety of dogs to buy and you can click here to see their Morkie puppies.


Having a puppy is a large commitment, if you have a job that is too demanding or will take you away from home then owning a puppy right now might not be the best choice. Also if you live in a smaller house you may want to think about getting a smaller dog, big dogs can take up a lot of space and generally need it to run around. If you or someone who comes around a lot has an allergy to dogs that is something you should take into account as well. Do you think you are ready to buy a dog? Before you jump into it click here to make sure you are definitely ready.

Useful Tips for Dealing with Your Snoring Problem


Snoring is a serious issue not only for the sufferer, but for also the people around them. In the same way as the quality of the snoring individual’s sleep is compromised, so also is that of each person around his or her sleeping area. This explains why there is a frantic search for a solution to the issue, as can be observed from search trend online. Perhaps, you are having similar problem or know someone who is. You will find in this piece information on ways you can go about dealing with the snoring problem.

Causes of Snoring

To be able to better appreciate any effort targeted at dealing with snoring, it is pertinent to first understand the factors responsible for the issue. The factors that could cause this to happen include alcohol consumption, allergies, improperly positioned jaw, your body weight and obstructive sleep apnea.

Snoring results from irregular airflow through a passageway, with the soft palate and the uvula being the main structures affected. When an affected person is asleep, the tissues in his or her throat relax to the extent of blocking the air passageway to a certain degree. The partial blockage of the airway makes airflow become rather forceful, leading to vibration of the tissues and the production of the obnoxious sound. The snoring sound becomes louder the more airflow is obstructed. You can read more here.

Solutions to Snoring Issues

Thankfully, there are a number of treatment options available for dealing with snoring. All of these aim at clearing the airway of the snorer. Among these available options is surgery. A procedure known as Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty involves removal of tissues in the region around the back of the throat, including the uvula and pharynx, with a view to widening the airway. There is also a somewhat recent procedure called Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), which involves application of heat and radiofrequency energy to tissues in the back of the throat. This leads to tissue scarring and stiffening of the area that is treated after healing.

The problem with surgical procedures is that they are invasive, expensive and can lead to scarring. This explains why many snorers look in the direction of another treatment option — mandibular advancement devices (MADs). Sleeping Well LLC’s ZQuiet is a highly popular product among the MADs available on the market today, with numerous thousands unique searches conducted for it on Google every month. It is designed to keep your lower jaw in a position that ensures the tongue is pushed forward to make the airway wider. When you consider the device’s Living Hinge Technology, you will realize one saying it is effective to use to stop snoring is not a mere hype. This technology removes the discomfort users may have using some other MADs due to its ability to ensure natural mouth movement. The FDA-cleared ZQuiet employs a unique two-step Comfort System to allow for two optimal jaw positions. The design of the device also ensures you are able to breathe through your noseand mouth while sleeping and allows you drink water without having to remove it.

There are also a number of other ways to combat snoring. This includes weight loss since fat in the back of the throat is among the culprits responsible for the problem. It also helps to sleep on your side instead of sleeping on your back and to stop drinking and smoking. Lubricating sprays, nasal sprays, nose clips and oral appliances are among other available treatment options.



Hate Your City Job? Start an Internet Business from Home

A recent poll by the research-based company Gallup found that 70% of people hated or were disengaged from their jobs. One of the biggest complaints is that employees had “bosses from hell” who did nothing to cultivate growth and reward talent. Every year that goes by, it seems like the workplace is becoming a worse and worse place to be. Not only that but driving to work and home in traffic is a pain in the neck but also costs quite a bit in gas. Instead of continuing to suffer through the monotonous, boring, unrewarding life of working for “the man,” why not try starting your own business?

The idea of starting your own business might sound exciting, and like many, you’ve probably already thought about it. But, also like many, you probably don’t know where to begin. Here are a few ideas that might help you get started on the road to starting your own internet business.

Start a Blog

Blogging is probably one of the most commonly thought of professions when talking about working from home. There are many people online that write blogs every day on a variety of subjects. You have probably thought that you can write a blog from time to time.

Writing a blog can be fun, but it isn’t easy. You have to take time to develop content, and use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to advertise your website so that people will visit it. After that you have to set up an account with an internet agency, such as google AdWords, who will set up advertisements on your blog. Advertisements are how you get paid on your blog.

Creating a blog takes time, but it can be a rewarding process. You can create your own blog through a variety of websites such as InfoBarrel, HubPages, Tumblr, Google’s Blogger, or any number of other blog websites.

Start a YouTube Channel

For the past couple of years, many video makers have been raking in the cash by simply making videos for YouTube. If you are good at editing videos, and have something interesting to share with the world, this might be the route for you. The monetization process works similar to blogs, though for YouTube it is a little easier.

The only downside to YouTube is that younger entrepreneurs tend to have an edge. However, there have been older video makers who have done well on the website.

Sell Products Online

This is probably the oldest online profession that was around since the early days of the net. To run a business like this you simply sell, or buy and sell, products online to make a profit. You can sell products on your own website, ebay, or a variety of other places.

The first thing you need to set up a business like this is a place to receive money. PayPal or Stripe are popular payment processing websites where you can collect your sales revenues.

When you set up a business like this, information is very important. How much money you are making, if your sales are up or down, sales demographics, information like this is gold and helps you forecast future sales and help you make business decisions. You can rent software from SaaS websites that keep track of this information for you. There are many stripe metric and PayPal SaaS websites. Make sure to find one that will give you a good deal for your money.

These are just a few ways you can start a business from home. So if you are tired of the rat race and want to start a rewarding career of working for yourself, try one of these, or another online business, and start enjoying your job.

Is Skateboarding Truly a Dangerous Activity in Cities?

Skateboarding can be an extreme, fun activity, requiring very little equipment. With just a board, a pair of skateboard trucks, four wheels and a little bit of sidewalk, you can board to your heart’s content. It can even more enjoyable if you can find a local skate park to go to with some friends in order to perform some tricks, but can be equally enjoyable in a more peaceful, meditative way by simply riding around the neighborhood. And with all of the jumps, tricks and grinds that are available to learn and experiment with while on a skateboard, it can be an easy form of exercise to get you out of the house on a nice day.

Unfortunately, there have been some movements that are trying to limit the amount of skateboarding that can occur in certain cities. One example of this is in downtown Covington, Louisiana. This movement is setting up a contentious discussion in the area and it will be brought up at the next council meeting of the city.

The proposal that is being made in Covington is meant to make it unlawful to be riding on a skateboard “on any sidewalk within the city of Covington.” It also states that it is illegal to ride on a skateboard in “an unsafe or dangerous manner as to put himself or herself or others in danger of serious bodily injury or death.” It is expected that the Covington police would be the ones to enforce this law if it went into effect and they would be able to take the skateboard. Those who violated this law could pay anywhere between $25 to $100 in fines.

city skateboarding

can city skateboarding be dangerous?

This has sparked an outrage among those who are skateboard enthusiasts and the discussion might get intense at the next council meeting. The law, which is meant to protect those who are not on the skateboards from those who are not using the proper caution, could really limit the freedom of those skateboarders who are being careful and considerate of others. So far the proposal has just been proposed in Covington and no discussions have been brought up yet.

Covington is just one of many cities around the country who are submitting such proposals. Many pedestrians are tired of almost being run over and drivers are frustrated with having to swerve for skateboarders who are always trying out new tricks or getting in the way in the streets. Many people feel that these laws are necessary in order to prevent accidents and injuries due to skateboarders.

Right now those who are causing the mischief on skateboards are a minority and could cause a lot of problems for those who are trying to be careful and considerate of others. The freedoms of these cautious skateboarders could be at risk depending on how the council meetings go in each state. If you would like to show disfavor for these proposals, it would be a good idea to show up and voice your opinion in your community.

stroller light weight

Why Urban Mothers Are Going With Light Weight Strollers

Living in an urban setting causes a little more chaos for those with little ones, and when it comes to navigating the urban jungle it helps to have something that’s on your side. Known as one of the most important pieces of gear amongst parents, lightweight strollers are perfect for a mom that’s on the go. Why urban mothers are going with lightweight strollers has everything to do with maneuverability, accessibility, cost, and style.

Lightweight strollers are more maneuverable than regular strollers, allowing them to be pushed with more ease through crowded sidewalks, grocery stores, and quick trips around town.  Because of the way the stroller is designed, parents won’t want to use this with a baby that cannot hold itself up, although, some of the lightweight strollers are designed to allow for car seat attachments. Heavier toddlers will affect the maneuvering of the stroller, so some parents advise that you take this into account when using the lightweight stroller with a heavier toddler. Often times spaces that were once easier to manage walking through become difficult to navigate with a regular stroller, the lightweight stroller allows for moms to move about with the stroller without having to worry about knocking things down, or being asked by associates to leave the stroller up at the front of the store.

Why lightweight strollers in a city?

The urban environment doesn’t often allow for convenience of driving so its important for urban moms to have something that can fold up quickly when getting onto the train, bus, or even when hailing down a taxi. Most lightweight strollers, fold up quickly and are able to fit in almost any trunk. Because the stroller is smaller, its easier to carry and depending on the model, some are able to stand upright even after being folded. has had quite a few reviews from moms talking about various brands that they use, amongst them, Bugaboo, City Mini, and Phil & Ted’s, these brands seem to be the best for getting around the city and hopping on trains.

Looking for lightweight strollers?

Lightweight strollers being smaller are perfect for moms who have to trek up train stations that don’t have an elevator, or when trying to get through tight corners in a store.  Not only are these strollers smaller in size they’re also smaller in price. Most mother’s seem to agree that its best to have two strollers but its all a matter of need and opinion. For some urban moms the price tag can be a make it or break it when choosing a stroller. Maclaren brand can be found for around $99. Maclaren is also better suited for urban moms on the smaller size and is easier to manage on public transit.

For moms on the go, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a lightweight stroller. Of course, every options comes at a price, but tailored to the urban mom’s need. Stroller Mama allows you to pick and choose which colors you prefer, allows you to add attachments which is perfect for new baby or strolling with two under two. Moms that are torn between their options are suggested find their nearest baby retailer and give the strollers a test on their own, to get a feel for how the stroller will work best.

stroller light weight

Urban moms have a lot to tackle when it comes to getting around with ease and having a little one along shouldn’t make it more difficult. Lightweight strollers provide ease in mobility, are able to fold up quickly and conveniently allowing for quick transitions from sidewalk to train or car, are cost efficient, and can be styled to match your taste. For the urban mom the simple choice, is the best choice, which is why urban moms are choosing to use lightweight strollers.

bird feeder

Bird Feeding In City Areas

Many families decide that they would like to create a fun bird feeding area near their homes. They are tired of their children spending all of their time in front of the television or playing video games all day long. Finding a way to feed the birds out in the sunshine is a great way to give your kids a new experience while also spending some quality time together. If you are interested in creating a great bird feeding area, here are some of the tips that you should try out to make the most of your outdoor experience with feeding the birds.

cup3The first things that you will need to decide about is what different types of birds you would like to attract to the area and which ones are already in the area near you. You can look online or at local outdoor stores in order to find the field guides for your state. This will list the different birds that are present in your area, making it easier for you to get the right materials for the birds you want to see. Also, something to consider is how to keep other creatures from disrupting the bird feeding area. Squirrel proof bird feeders are a great way to keep pesky squirrels, possums and other animals out of the birds area.

Next, you need to make sure to provide the birds with some clean water. Many families will choose to get a simple bird bath to put it near the bird feeder to attract in more birds. Whether you are choosing a ornate or simple bird feeder, you should make sure that all materials that are chosen are non-porous and non-toxic and that you will be able to clean it out without using any chemicals. Take the time to clean out the bird bath on a regular basis so that the birds will keep coming back for clean drinking water.

You might also want to consider a shelter for the birds to hang out in or that they can use to stay clear from predators. Many birds might need a safe place that they can hang out in or just to rest after flying around. If you are able to provide them with this shelter in addition to some good food and a nice bird bath, then you are more likely to attract a lot more birds to your area. The shelters that you make could include human made shelters, loose brush, and even bushes.

Of course, you are going to need to provide the birds with food to keep them coming back. This is why it is so important for you to determine which kinds of birds are in your area so that you make sure that you are cup2getting the right kinds of foods for the birds in your area. For example, if you have a lot of finches in your area, you might want to provide them with lots of thistle while chickadees and woodpeckers will like suet. Sunflower seeds are a good option if you are looking to attract birds such as blue jays and cardinals. In addition, if you are not sure what kinds of birds are in your area, you can always use mixes of seeds or peanuts and cracked corn.

The feeder that you choose is also important when attracting the bird. You will need to make sure that the kind of feeder that you are choosing will mimic the bird’s natural feeding as much as possible. While it is possible to buy a feeder at the store, you can also make your own from home. Large birds will like a flat surface to eat out of while finches would prefer to eat upside-down. Make sure that you keep the feeder away from other animals as much as possible to get the best results with your birds.



Best Urban Ladies Bikes

Owning a bike in an urban setting can be extremely beneficial when it comes to transportation or just enjoying a day out, by cutting down on commute time and allowing some sunshine, you’ll be thankful that you decided to switch. Choosing the best urban ladies bikes can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to commuting via bicycle.  While there are many selections to choose from, here we offer a more narrowed down search. Compiled through research, here are the best urban ladies’ bikes.

Raleigh Port Townsend is the perfect bike for commuting or doing some light touring. Custom fenders come in handy for when the road gets wet. Listed as one of the top bicycles on for 2013, this bike is sure to make its way to the top for 2014. Sizes range from 50cm, 53cm, 55cm, 57cm, and 59cm, which makes this bike ideal for ladies who are of average height and above. While this bike cannot be ordered online, you can find it at your local retail, and Raleigh is offering $50 and $100 rebates until the end of April.go to for more lady bikes.

Soma Buena Vista bikes range from frame only or you can purchase a completed bicycle from your local retailer. Armed with moustache bars, 650b tires, IRD 9-speed indexed thumbshifters, and a pearly white coat of paint, this bicycle is sure to give you a smooth ride. You can find this bike at your nearest local bike shop, or enter in your zip to find the nearest Soma retailer near you. Sizes come in, 50cm, 54cm, or 58cm.

State Co. is a rider-developed bike company based out of Tempe, Arizona. All of their bike’s are fixed gear/single speed and certain models are offered for a limited time only. The currently offered Domingo comes in either basic or deluxe, this bike is stylish without the unnecessary accessories added to the price with other bikes. You can choose your color and decide if you want to add lights, a lock, tube set, or water bottle cage. Sizes come in, 42cm, 46cm, 52cm, or 56cm, so its perfect for all sizes. Bikes can be ordered online and ship with some assembly required.

Schwinn is a long standing name known amongst bikers. Known for their retro designs, this bike is anything but old. The Rendezvous 2 is a pale pink 7-speed bike that allows for adjustments on various terrains and comes complete with fender set and front basket with coffee cup holder making for a nice morning commute. You can find this beauty at your local bike shop or enter in your zip code to find your nearest retailer. Sizes come in, XS, S, and M.


Finding the right bike for you can be a task in itself, hopefully these choices make the process a little easier. As always though, in order to really find the right bike, it’s always best to try one out for yourself. It’s also a good idea to review bicycle laws in your area and always gear up with a helmet and bike lights just to be safe.

scuba diving shop

3 Favorite Scuba Gear Shops in Miami

Scuba divers are constantly looking for the hottest scuba gear shops. With Miami’s sprawling beaches and breathtaking ocean views, Miami is filled with scuba gear shops which offer some of the finest scuba equipment available. The best scuba gear shops offer not only the best scuba gear, but also a very knowledgeable staff, classes, and scuba gear rental equipment. Below are three of the favorite scuba gear shops in all of Miami and have something to offer the first time diver as well as certified divers and well trained professionals.

One: South Beach Dive and Surf Center

South Beach Dive and Surf Shop is a five star facility conveniently located in the heart of South Beach. Established in 1995, the South Beach Dive and Surf Shop offers some of the finest trained diving instructors who will gladly walk every new comer through the proper way to dive, have fun and stay safe through their Discover Scuba classes. South Beach Dive and Surf also offers more advanced classes as well as open water classes for more advanced divers. Providing world class one day diving trips to some of the hottest diving spots like Key Largo, all who go to South Beach Dive and Surf Shop will have a blast and be sure to find what they are looking for.

Two: Pro Dive International

Pro Dive International is located in sunny Ft. Lauderdale – minutes away from downtown Miami. Pro Dive International offers daily scuba diving and snorkeling charters which leave from port at various hours throughout the day to accommodate its customers. Pro Dive International has a 60 foot dive boat, allowing for more than ample room for a comfortable ride out to some of the most breathtaking dive sites. Offering scuba lessons and classes for the beginner and novice alive, Pro Dive has the experience and expertise to make every scuba trip memorable.

Three: Aquaknots Dive Center

Located very close to the Miami International Airport, Aquaknots is a smaller shop that prides itself on excellent customer service for over twenty years. Speaking English and Spanish, this family owned company prides itself on being able to serve everyone who seeks them out. Offering a wide array of services including equipment rental, a state of the art dive shop, as well as classes, Aquaknots has something for everyone. Aquaknots also received the award of number one dive shop in all of Miami by the New York Times in 2010.

scuba diving shop


South Beach has more than miles and miles of sandy beaches to offer its visitors. The beautiful reefs, under water sea life, and vibrant fish living just beneath the ocean’s surface are just waiting to be explored. If you are planning a trip to Miami, or are lucky enough to live in this wonderland, be sure to visit one of the above scuba shops. These shops not only have all the necessary equipment for rent, but they are all passionate about what they do, helping others, and bringing the joy of scuba diving to their customers. So, grab your scuba gear and get ready to explore and entirely new world underwater.

road biking

7 Safety Tips for Road Biking on City Streets

Busy city streets can pose a lot of potential safety risks for those riding their bikes. With more and more bikes on the road, riding smart has become even more crucial to making sure you, and those around you, are safe while on the road. With these seven easy to follow tips, not only can you still ride your bike in the busiest of cities, but can do so with the utmost of safety.

Tip 1: Ride in a Straight Line

Riding in a straight line offers motorist a clear line of vision and allows them to know you will be riding predictably and not making any sudden turns or veers. Obey all of the traffic laws, adhere to stop signs and signals and do not weave into and out of traffic.

Tip 2: Look, Signal and Look Some More

Before making any lane changes it is extremely important to look at where you want to go. If at all possible try to establish eye contact with drivers, as this well ensure the driver sees you and where you are trying to get too. When you are turning, or making a lane change, make sure to properly signal so all drivers in sight can see your hand signals. And before you do make a turn, make sure to look again, and never assume drivers did see your hand signal or that it is safe for you to turn.

Tip 3: Watch Out for Car Doors

Drivers, especially those in a hurry, may open there door without giving second thought to the potential that someone is riding a bike near their car. If at all possible, try to leave room between yourself and cars which are parked, or that are in the process of parking. This will give you ample room to get out of the way in case a car door does unexpectedly open in your direction.

Tip 4: Stay Visible

If you are riding during the day wear brightly colored clothing so that you can be seen from far away by drivers. If you are riding your bike during the evening hours, it is recommended to use reflective materials, lights on your bicycle and other items which will reflect car headlights so drivers can see you easily.

Tip 5: Do Not Wear Headphones

Most states only allow you to wear one headphone while riding a bike, but it is recommended to not wear any at all. Not only do headphones distract you from the road and the busy streets, but they also drown out horns and other potential warning signs which could keep you free from having a serious accident.

road biking

Tip 6: Use a Bell

Bells on bicycles are not just for little kids, but for adults as well. Use your bell to properly alter drivers, other bike riders, as well as pedestrians.

Tip 7: Wear a Helmet

Helmets may not be the most comfortable thing to wear, but they can save your life and keep you from sustaining serious head trauma. Helmets are also required by law for children who are under the age of 13 years old.for more information, read full blog post.