Is Air BNB The Best Way to Rent in Expensive Cities?

For people living in expensive cities, rent can be through the roof and extremely unaffordable for many. Air BNB has created a one of a kind way which partners those looking to still live the big city lifestyle on a less than big city budget. Air BNB partners people who live in big cities with travelers looking to get a taste of The Big Apple, The Windy City or even The Big Easy. By pairing people who live in large, and expensive cities, with those looking to travel and a place to rest their heads, Air BNB has found a way for everyone to get a taste of the big city lifestyle on almost any budget.

What is Air BNB?

Air BNB is a community of likeminded people where guests can rents spaces from various hosts around the world. Air BNB allows people to travel at a more reasonable price, but paring people who have extra square footage with people who are looking to travel and need somewhere reasonably priced to stay. One of the things people love about Air BNB, apart for its money saving feature, is getting to know people and develop new friendships all across the globe.go to this website for more updates.

How does Air BNB Work?

Air BNB offers a safe and secure payment system. Once the payment is collected, both the host and the guest receive notifications saying the payment has gone through and the reservation is complete.

Guest can also rest assured they will be issued refunds for a variety of reasons including:

• change in plans by the guest
• change in plans by the host
• unforeseen travel mishaps such as canceled flights

Reasons People us Air BNB

People have flocked to Air BNB for an assortment of reasons, not all of which are monetarily based.

• to help supplement income by renting out extra room in the house, or apartment, to travelers

• to travel around the United States on a limited budget and know they are staying in a safe, and comfortable place.

• To meet people from all around the world and get to know people from other cultures, backgrounds and populations.

• Hotels in the big cities are often booked, or extremely unaffordable.

Air BNB offers a safe place to stay at a very reasonable price, and more often than not, there is always someone willing to host you in their home.


Why Host?

Opening up your home to a complete stranger may seem like an incredibly risky move. Air BNB has not only done its best to vet customers, but also offers a $1,000,000 host guarantee with every booking. This booking allows hosts to rest assured they will be protected in case of stolen items or other damage caused by a guess and comes at no charge to the host.

Why Rent with Air BNB?

If you are looking to rent in an expensive city, Air BNB may be the perfect solution for you. Hosts have committed to providing a five star cleanly place to stay with proper amenities, which will make your traveling far more enjoyable. Staying with a local also offers you direct access to people who know the city, the host spots and may even drive you to areas you wish to visit and explore – all for a very reasonable price. has more information about Air BNB.